We have 8 regular Beers which include Blonde and Dark Bitters, Milds, Porters and Pale Ales. In addition we have our range of extremely popular seasonal beers.


Bobbins Bitter
ABV 3.8%

A golden bitter with warm aromas. Golding and nut grain and a full fruity flavour with light dry finish.

Tacklers Tipple
ABV 4.3%

A darker Best Bitter with full hop flavour, biscuit tones on the tongue and deep dry finish. A darker coloured ale with a fascinating blend of hops and dark malt.


Bee Blonde

Bee Blonde
ABV 4.0%

A light dry balance of grain and hops with a delicate finish and citric fruits. A distinctive pale bitter with a light refreshing taste.

Doff Cocker
ABV 4.5%

A straw coloured multi-layered delight of 50% bitter hop and 50% lager hops. Offering a flowery refreshing taste, ideal for bitter or lager drinkers.

Pinch Noggin
ABV 4.6%

A best bitter with fruity hop flavour. A darker coloured ale with a fascinating blend of hops and malt.

Knocker Up
ABV 4.8%

A porter beer of supreme character with exotic ebony texture and deep, rich taste of roast barley and chocolate malt.

Shuttle Ale
ABV 5.2%

A strong pale ale light in colour with a well balanced malt and hop flavour. Superb fuggles aroma, long dry finish and delicate fruit notes. A rustic coloured traditional strong ale.

Bee Thrifty
ABV 3.4%

A light and refreshing amber coloured beer. Singularly hopped and eminently quaffable.